Everything You Need to Know About Modern and Contemporary Interior Designs

Modern and contemporary interior designs are some of the most popular styles around the world today. Though they look similar, they have a little difference. However, when you involve a professional in designing your home and decide to try either of these designs, the expert might ask you to consider one of the styles. We will let you know about every style to help you identify which one suits you best.

Modern Design Characteristics

Simple and Unardoned

The modern interior design draws inspiration from German and Scandinavian designs. It’s simple and unadorned. Modern design’s biggest quality is being functional.

Clean Lines

In modern style, the design emphasizes fewer curves but cleaner vertical and horizontal lines. Concrete beams and other structural elements are often left exposed.

Use of Natural Materials

The use of natural materials is common with modern interior design. Unpainted metals, wood, leather, or materials with earthy colors make up the modern design.

Natural Light and Clear Windows

Natural light is vital in modern designed homes. Lots of windows are essential, and they are mostly unadorned.

Uncluttered Space

The modern interior design emphasizes uncluttered spaces. Anything that does not have a purpose is excluded.

Simple and Functional Furniture

Modern furniture emphasizes simplicity and function. Furniture is often made of natural materials such as wood, steel, leather, or glass.

Contemporary Design Characteristics

Black, White, and Neutrals as Main Colors

This style involves three types of colors, namely black, white, and neutrals. Black defines the room while bright shades form the primary palette.

Lines and Space

The lines can be vertical, horizontal, or curved. They are common in any home with contemporary designed architecture. These lines are seeable in high ceilings, color blocks, bare windows, wall art, etc.

Textured Fabric

Contemporary design also involves using more natural fabrics such as linen, silk, wool, or crushed velvet. You’ll notice a home with this design having stuffed pillows, linen wallpaper, fabric window treatment, and furniture upholstery.

Simple Furniture

This design does not feature over-ornamented furniture. They should be slim and substantial. It also features light wood tones and shades like natural birch and blond maple.

Wood Tones

Contemporary home interior designs involve very light or dark tones when it comes to choosing wood. It applies to all kinds of woken elements, from room accessories to flooring.

There are many more characteristics of modern and contemporary designs. Visit Tylko’s guide to understand the characteristics of both designs and how to apply them.